The Best Educational Apps for 6-8 Year Olds


All kids love to play on iPads, so we might as well have them learn something along the way. These apps are not only educational, but also super fun. Your kids won’t even know they are learning. Shh…

If your kids love the ocean and aquariums, this app is the one for them. Ocean Forests is an incredible app that’s part book, part game and part underwater adventure. Your kids will feel like they are swimming in the ocean and experiencing the gorgeous underwater habitat. The narrator explains what your child is seeing in the amazing 3D kelp forest and there is even an interactive dictionary to learn more. They can tap on the various animals and plants to learn more about them. Ocean Forests uses creative games to reinforce the lessons that were just learned. The app is simple to use and and the background music is soothing so parents won’t mind hearing it coming from the backseat of the car. The graphics are truly incredible and there are even free printables that accompany the app. Ocean Forests is definitely going to be a new favorite.

Ages 6-8. $2.99

Looking for your child to get a handle on telling time, understanding money and also fractions? School Zone Time does just that with fun sound effects and animated characters.

Ages 6-8. $4.99

We love GoldieBlox, the toy company focused on inspiring girls to become innovators so naturally we were excited for their app – GoldieBlox and The Movie Machine. This app teaches your children the basics of animation and how to create their own one second animated GIFs. Pretty cool.

Ages 6-8. Free.

Brain Teasers
Winky Think Logic Puzzles
has 180 logic puzzles ranging from simple matching to much more complex games with mazes and obstacles. Your kids will be addicted to this (and you might want to join in).

Ages 6-8. $2.99.



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