The Dreaded Lice and What to Do About It


The following is in partnership with Bayer HealthCare, the makers of RID. We received compensation from Bayer HealthCare to write this post but the views expressed are our own.

My kids are in 5th and 3rd grade and somehow we had dodged the lice bullet up until a month ago when I took my son to get his hair cut. We went to a crowded local salon where the hair dresser sat him in the chair and I sat down to read a magazine. Minutes later she came to me and said those four awful words “Your son has lice.”

We walked out with our heads down hoping no-one heard what we were told. My son was mortified and I explained that it’s perfectly normal and most kids get it (although inside I was freaking out).

We stopped at the drugstore and bought a lice product. We got home and treated him. I checked my daughter’s head and didn’t see anything and we didn’t find any on my husband or my head. So far everyone else looked clear although I kept thinking my head was itching now that it was in my mind. I washed all the sheets and blankets and couch cushions and anything else I could think of.

So we took him to a different hair salon the next day crossing our fingers that we had eliminated the lice. She didn’t say a word and he got his hair cut. Several days later he was itching again and we saw a little creature in his scalp. Ugh.

This time we tried to use mayonnaise – and I can tell you, it didn’t work. And then we spotted one on my daughter. It was time to take control of the situation but honestly we had no idea what to do.

Enter the newly updated RID® Lice Elimination Complete Kit. This kit guides you through each of the steps and contains everything you need to get rid of lice: Lice killing shampoo, lice & egg comb-out spray, lice home spray, a patented RID Lice comb and most importantly, detailed instructions (in English and Spanish). There is even a text reminder program to help you get through the 10-day treatment process.

Also, you can call specially trained RID consultants at 1-800-RID-Lice, or look to their online and automated customer support 24 hours a day/7 days a week. This is extremely valuable as lots of questions come up when you experience lice for the first time. Or you can watch the step-by-step “how to” videos at (you can see one below).

RID has been the #1 head lice treatment brand for 10 years so I’d recommend using it. And remember, lice is in no way related to your children being unclean. It is extremely common and is spread by head to head contact with someone with lice. Unfortunately it’s very common for kids to get lice, but you will get through it!




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