The Struggles of Working at Home


At this day in age, with technology so easily accessible, it is no wonder why millions of moms everywhere have decided to try to help support their family income with side jobs, while at home raising their young children. Not that child rearing is an easy chore in itself, but because the world is so expensive, it has become almost a necessity to supplement a second income from home. Whether you try your hand at writing, or product testing, there are so many options of tasks that can be completed within the walls of your own home.

The problem with trying to work from home is that many people don’t understand that you are not just sitting on the couch, watching daytime television, but actually trying to work.

These are some of the top problems that I have run into while working at home:

1. No privacy. My children have yet to learn that if they hear my fingers typing away at my laptop keyboard this is a signal that I’m busy. Instead they find this the perfect time to ask if their outfit matches; if they can go out with friends for the night; if I can braid their hair and so much more. Apparently if you are under the age of 20, your priorities are number one and just can’t seem to wait for 30 minutes until I step away from my desk.

2. Animals. During my 12 years of working at the local newspaper, I would let the dogs out in the morning, feed the horses and head out the door for the office. I never considered what my animals did while I was away. Now that I’m home all of the time the dogs have almost become more of a nuisance than my children with their requests. They find it the perfect time for a full blown wrestling match to ensue the very second that my laptop is open and I sit down at my desk. Although it may be cute for a few minutes, distraction from my work is immediate and usually separation is required.

3. Side Tracked. I have discovered that during the summer months it is almost impossible for me not to get side tracked during the day. I go outside to feed my horses and happen to see some large weeds in my flower beds which require my immediate attention. Before I know it, I am knee deep in weed pulling and over an hour has passed, which I had intended on using for work.

4. Phone calls. Working from home means that you must have your phone accessible at all times in case something comes in, work related. This can also pose a problem when family members who are retired or that don’t work during the day seem to want to call to chat. Trying to be compliant, I answer the phone and try to keep the conversation short, but again an hour goes by, meaning that once again I’m not getting paid.

5. Errands. I have discovered that many people don’t understand the whole working from home concept. I have received more requests to ‘pick things up in town’, or to ‘babysit’ for a few hours. Saying no is something that all women have a VERY hard time with and I am no exception. Pretty soon I have a friend’s toddler on my lap while trying to stop today’s dog wrestling match and type at the same time. Those are the days that my quality of work may not be quite as high as the week before.

Despite all of these problems, I would never trade my job at home for anything. I get to be here if someone is sick or if something goes wrong. I get to work in my pajamas and drink coffee, which is often frowned upon at the office. I get to be home, in the middle of the chaos that I love.



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