Tips For Setting Fitness Goals


Disclosure: The following post is a sponsored conversation for the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® Program from Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc.

My life is anything but leisurely and I have a very tightly packed schedule. I have six active children and I know that my health is important, not only to myself but to my family as well! That’s why it is very important that I exercise, eat right, and get plenty of sleep. And, it is equally important for my family to do the same.

Honestly though, it’s hard to find time to exercise being the professional family chauffeur that I am. It’s unbelievably difficult to do cardio while in the car! I continually find myself wishing there was a way I could fit exercise in between my children’s various practices. So this summer I decided to make my family and my health my priority and as you can imagine I was excited when I came across the Johnson & Johnson Official 7 minute Workout™ App for IOS or android systems.

womanworkingoutphoneThis app is convenient and easy to use! Once downloaded, you can choose your own preferences including performance level and motivation level. You can choose workouts yourself from the workout library or you can choose to do a 7 minute workout of your choice, which is great when you’re trying to fit in a quick workout whenever you can like me. If you have the time and want to challenge yourself, you can choose a longer workout. I love that all of the workouts consist of a combination of key exercises such as jumping jacks, pushups, wall squats, crunches, and more all with voice prompts to tell when to move on to the next sequence. One of my favorite features of the app is liking or disliking a workout! By liking or disliking it, you can help the app learn what workouts are best for you in future sessions. I love that I can sync this app to my Apple Health feature and they can use my personal data to help me reach my goals faster. Another great feature to the Johnson and Johnson Official 7 minute Workout™ App is being able to sync it to your Walgreens Balance® Rewards!

Walgreens Balance® Rewards program is a great tool to use to take back control of your health because you could earn points just for doing everyday healthy activities like walking, running, cycling. You’ll get 20 points any time you record an activity, 250 points when you set your first goal, and 250 points when you connect a device or app. This has really helped me track my everyday activity and has even forced me to try new types of workouts throughout the day. You can use your Balance® Rewards points to purchase items at Walgreens that will help you reach your health goals. If you want to learn more about the program and see all the activities that you can earn points on go to

I feel so great after taking the first step to create a “new me” and a new beginning! Download Johnson & Johnson Official 7 minute Workout app and sign up for Walgreens Balance® Rewards and enjoy a happier and healthier you! Oh, and don’t forget to smile while you watch your savings rack up!

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