Veggie Fritter Stacks


We’re always trying to find new ways to incorporate fresh veggies into meals that the kids will go for.  So we were so happy when these “stacks” were a complete hit in our houses!

If you’re looking for a healthy and satisfying meal that with an Italian flare that the kids will go for, you have met your match! And best for us moms is that even though they’re topped off with a dollop of pesto, you have an Italian flavored dish that keeps you fitting in your skinny jeans. In fact, an entire whole stack clocks in at only 150 calories!

What makes this stack a top tier entrée?

Zucchini- a great source of vitamin C, which is essential for protecting cells from damage and helps to build collagen keep it elastic and youthful. Hello healthy skin!

Tomato- bursting with phytonutrients, this fruit fights against diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Egg- a fabulous source of choline, a nutrient that plays a role in important processes like building DNA and sending signals to the brain. And of course, eggs add satiating protein to this meal to stave off hunger and energy dips.

Veggie “Fritter” Stacks

When the stacks are assembled, they look so colorful and fresh, which makes them perfect for enticing kids! The fact that these stacks are such a cinch to make will be your little secret. From start to finish it takes only 15 minutes, so you will be drifting away to the heart of Italy in no time, even if it’s only in your imagination.

Serves 2


2, 6 -inch Zucchini

2 eggs, beaten

2 medium tomatoes

Pesto, for garnish


Shred/chop zucchini into matchstick sized pieces. Combine zucchini with beaten eggs. Spritz a pan with oil from a spray jar over medium high heat, drop several tablespoons of the zucchini batter, forming a circular “fritter” shape . Cook for about a minute, then flip, cooking on the other side for a minute more. Slice clean tomatoes into discs. After the fritters are cooked, alternate between tomato slices and fritters to complete a stack. Top with your favorite pesto for garnish and an Italian flair!

Nutrition Information for one serving (1/2 of the recipe):

Calories: 150 Carbs: 9 g Protein: 9.9 g Fat: 8.3 g Sat. fat:2.0 g Unsat. Fat: 6.3 g Fiber: 3 g Sugar:6.9 g Sodium: 111 mg



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