“What Did I Do All This For?”


Overworked and underslept,
Barely learning to adapt,
Diapers, feedings and play dates
Constant drama, dirty plates

Add on top of that your job,
Next door neighbor who’s a snob
Parents telling you you’re wrong
And your love life – good as gone,

Modern woman, hear me roar –
“What did I do all this for?”…
…Then you slowly take a breath
And release your pent up stress,

Look upon your kids and smile
All this chaos is worthwhile.
You are doing this for them –
For your precious little gems,

For the giggles that ring out
In a heated pillow bout,
For that extra kiss you get
When you hug them before bed,

And those eyes that go right through
When they’re looking up at you…
It’s for them…and so it is.
You are truly made for this,

You can do it, you are strong
Modern woman – bring it on!



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