What It Takes to Be a Successful Woman


A lot of women are still afraid to go out into the big world and take up an executive position in a major corporation or start up their own company. Some think it’s because we don’t have enough role models to give us that motivation, and I know that some women still feel strongly that it’s a man’s world where living in. I personally feel that it’s because we think too much about the “Whys” instead of focusing our valuable energy on the “Hows”. True, Forbes did come out and say that close to 97% of men still run the biggest public corporations and that 87% of boards are controlled by our opposite species as well. And of course let’s not forget that men also control 83% of Congress.

Maybe We’re Not Looking in the Right Places?

I think that when we look at statistics through horse blinkers, it’s understandable why we only seem to find, and even look for, male role models like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs; statistics makes you see no other truth but that of the numbers it throws in your face. If you just change your line of sight slightly, you will see that there is a gradual, but steady, increase of women that are able to climb the ladder of success and make it all the way to the top, and many of them make excellent role models.

Here are just a few examples of very successful women:

1. Oprah Winfrey – The proud owner of OWN
2. Meg Whitman – Currently HP’s CEO (Used to be the CEO of Ebay)
3. Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook’s COO
4. Indra Nooyi – The CEO of PESICo
5. Marissa Mayer – She is President and CEO of Yahoo!

So, what traits do all five of the extremely successful women in the list above share in common?

According to an article that Emma Gray wrote on the Huffington Post, the following traits they share, which led them to the road of success, are:

1. They have a strong belief that ultimately they will become successful.
2. They understand that no one is perfect, and so they don’t expect this from people, including themselves.
3. They are willing to take risks if needed.
4. They diligently keep themselves physically healthy.
5. They don’t let failure deter their passion for success; if they are knocked down, they pick themselves up and continue moving forward.
6. Sooner or later, they usually become a boss.
7. They are extremely passionate in everything they do.

These are definitely some powerful traits, and when you combine them with other equally important characteristics such as being creative, disciplined, ambitious, talented and are willing to be a big thinker, then you’ll definitely have the right environment set up to become extremely successful as well.


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