Why I’m Thankful For Nationwide


Is Nationwide really on my side? I have to admit, while I was sitting there enjoying the humor of the highly anticipated Super Bowl commercials I wasn’t expecting the outcome of the Nationwide commercial. In fact I think my husband’s exact response was “what the hell!?” I was all ready for a heartwarming, funny commercial that would possibly bring tears to my eyes. It brought tears to my eyes all right, just not in the way I was expecting.

People are mad. They are mad because Nationwide made, what was supposed to be a fun, loving moment during the Super Bowl, sad and depressing, and for what? According to Nationwide, their hopes for the ad was to ‘start conversations’. Congratulations, it started a conversation alright… nation wide (no pun intended) over night! But, what are people really mad about? Some people are calling this commercial a buzz kill. Did it kill your buzz enough to remember that you haven’t heard your child say “Mom” in the last ten minutes and maybe you should take a peak at what they’re up to? Inquiring minds are questioning the timing of this commercial. Why did Nationwide pick the Super Bowl time slot, could they not have found a better time to open up the, ‘never talked about’, topic of child death? This is yet another question I am hearing and reading this morning. It was estimated that 112 million viewers would be tuning into last nights game, so you tell me if Nationwide spent their ad budget well or not?

We like comfortable. We like warm and fuzzy. We like funny, but guess what folks, that’s not all this world is made up of. Sadly, Nationwide is right about the most common deaths of children. The truth is we live in a sad, scary world and sometimes we get too comfortable with leaving our children unattended. We, as moms, know that we have exhausted the rules to our children and if they know what’s good for them they will listen and do exactly what we say. But the problem is, they don’t know what’s good for them. They are just learning right from wrong and finding an interest in taking risks. They think they are invincible anyway, right? We did when we were their age. When we get too comfortable in the confines of our own home, or in our neighborhood, at our local park, or grocery store we are increasing our children’s risk at finding danger or danger finding our children. Of course it’s impossible to watch our child’s every move, I know this, I have six, but we can’t let our guard down, not even for a second.

To be honest with you I was a put off by the depressing quality the commercial had and I was all ready to defend my need for lighthearted and funny. Then I slept on it, and I thought about it this morning and I came to the conclusion that I am thankful for the Nationwide Super Bowl commercial. It made me get up and go check on my children that had been too quiet for too long. It made me be honest with myself, too often, I squash the inner voice that says ‘that may not be a good idea’. I ignore it because sometimes Mommy just needs a minute of peace and quiet. You know what? One of these days, I’ll have peace and quiet and I’ll long for the noise and mess again. That’s what people tell me anyway. Nationwide didn’t ruin my night. Nationwide may have just save my future.



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