Make Quality Time Routine
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Make Quality Time Routine


Do you ever feel the days quickly turn to nights, the weeks pass and the treadmill of life doesn’t pause long enough for you to enjoy simple moments? Having a family, it very often feels as though we are moving from one chore to the next, leaving us at the end of the day in a zombie like state.
Looking back on the day the moments that mean the most to me are the ones where I sit with a loved one and talk to them one on one. No distractions, simply focusing all my attention on that person. It only takes a few minutes for that cherished time to carry you through the day, or the week, with a smile on your face.
Brooke Burke in her new book The Naked Mom talks about a table set up in the garden with 2 chairs for her and her husband to sit each morning, drink their coffee and focus on one another. I have to say I find that incredibly romantic and I love the idea. Reading that passage immediately inspired daydreams of a 4 seasons porch with a romantic table. I have always loved 4 seasons porches. A place to be surrounded by changes in weather with my loved ones excites me.
Although we have not built our dream 4 seasons porch [one day!], my husband and I have a cherished routine of a few minutes each day taking a warm bath together where we can simply focus on one another, talk, relax, and unwind together. When our kids go to bed we really look forward to this time together.
It is not the amount of time; it’s the quality of time. Amazingly a few minutes can be enough to slow life down, and give you the ability to appreciate the good, and cherish the blessings in your life. Spend a couple of uninterrupted minutes each day with your loved ones and you will feel more fulfilled. Treat those minutes like a gift. Quality time is the most precious gift you can give to those you love.
Do you have any cherished routines that bring joy to your day? Please share them!

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