September Is ADHD Awareness Month
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September Is ADHD Awareness Month

Did you know that September is ADHD Awareness month?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a common childhood disorder that can continue on through adolescence and adulthood. So to help raise awareness, we have some information from the Brain Balance Program:

There are three subtypes of ADHD, or rather three variations of symptoms.  The first subtype is predominantly hyperactive, or impulsive.  The second subtype is predominantly inattentive.  The third type is a balance of hyperactivity and inattentiveness.  While these symptoms may not be so strong in adults, they are more severe in children.

Some of Brain Balance’s advice for parents of children with ADHD includes:

1. Create structure and routine.  Teach your child to keep and follow To Do lists.  Have specific places for things to go.  It may sound like trading ADHD for OCD, but it helps some children to have order when their thoughts are very scattered.

2. Make sleep a priority.  Part of having structure is making a set time table.  They know when they have to go to sleep and wake up.  Plus, you can factor in enough time for them to sleep, and adequate sleep helps the brain create order.

3. Serve up a healthy menu.  Caffeine and sugar amp up the body’s energy levels.  In addition, an oncoming blood sugar crash forces the body to overproduce adrenaline, which makes the symptoms of hyperactivity worse.

4. Keep active.  Just as sugar and caffeine can amp up the energy level, running around and playing deplete energy levels.  Even though endorphin levels do increase with physical activity, those endorphins can also help the brain focus.  And remember that it’s important to exercise the brain too.  Working on puzzles, playing chess, or other board games help the brain practice focusing on a single activity.

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