Embrace Your Challenges
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Embrace Your Challenges

Ever feel like you are not dealing with the tough knotty issues the way you thought you would, or should? Ever feel like you wish you had double the patience that you do when your kids or life is pushing the limit? Ever feel like stress is consuming you and just plain blocking your judgment? I do…


Maybe it’s because I have four children, some reasonable, others not so much, or maybe because I am ALWAYS juggling a million things, or maybe it’s because I am about to get on a plane with my 2 babies and leave the country!!!

Altering Perspectives

I have decided to make the most of a hectic situation and change my point of view. I am pretending I am going on an adventure and am not focusing on the “real life” possibilities that could happen on my trip that lies ahead. I have traveled the world with Baby Neriah from 3 months-2 yrs, and I was pregnant with Sierra during the latter part of that crazy time. I was young, a new mom, and thrilled to be traveling the world under any circumstances. Looking back, it was actually the time of my life, and maybe it was because there was no fear attached to it.

Listening to My Heart

My friends are telling me I’m NUTS to be making this trip, but my heart is telling me to go. I will share all the details after, it’s not safe to tell the world via the Internet why and where we’re off to, but I will have a GREAT story to tell upon my return.

Oh How Things Change…

I am laughing at myself, because what used to be easy and carefree is now well thought-out, and done with much caution. I suppose that comes with being a seasoned mom. If I think getting breakfast on the table for 4 and making it out the door on time for school is hectic, may the force be with me now… LOL!

Be Positive

The good news is, I am strong and adventurous, and I do try to make the most of every situation. Sometimes changing your point of view and embracing something makes it much easier. Instead of dreading my trip, which could be easy to do, I am going to get excited about it and make it special. I’ll admit that I am trying to convince myself, but I do believe in the power of positive thinking.

Applying a Shift in Thinking

BTW, sometimes a little shift in thinking can make any situation better, love, work, family, etc. We get so stuck in our own process that we can’t see the other possibilities. I had a huge argument this morning. It escalated to a stupid place and the reason was so small and got lost before it was over. I had to step out of it to see clearly, chill my natural reaction, and look at it from a different place. Easier said than done. But it is helpful.

Off I Go…

So off I go on my adventure with an open mind. I am ready to make some beautiful memories and bring home some great stories to share with you. Au revior

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