It’s All in the Family: Brooke’s Proud Mom on her Business Savvy Daughter
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It’s All in the Family: Brooke’s Proud Mom on her Business Savvy Daughter

Not only is ModernMom’s co-CEO, Brooke Burke, a TV personality, mom and model, but she is an incredible entrepreneur. Brooke, a proud mommy of four, started her own company called Baboosh Baby. Baboosh Baby offers a product to help moms successfully lose stubborn post-pregnancy stomach fat. All moms know how difficult it can be to lose stomach weight after giving birth. A little extra padding may seem an inevitable consequence of having baby, (and a small price to pay for bringing a new child into the world) but Brooke wanted no part of that. I sat down with Donna, Brooke’s Mom and an involved member of Baboosh Baby, to talk about the development of Brooke’s company. Read on for Donna’s story.

Who developed the Tauts idea?

The belly wrap idea originally came from Brooke’s French mother-in-law (actor David Charvet’s Mom). She told Brooke that in many countries in Europe, women always wrapped their bellies after they gave birth. The idea was just never brought to the states. Everyone we talked to overseas knew about wrapping your belly. Brooke wanted to develop a product to bring the idea to the U.S. It’s an age old secret. It’s not Brooke’s creation, but she brought it here and made it her own.

How was the wrap designed?

Brooke bought every belly wrap on the market. She compared all of them and pulled all the best parts to create the Baboosh post-partum belly wrap. She designed it in three panels to fit the woman’s curved body. All the others wraps were just straight. Brooke’s wrap does not ride up and is much more comfortable. Brooke found that wearing tauts after her last two pregnancies helped her body bounce back quickly.

How long have you been working with your daughter?

Brooke and I started ten years ago. I have been operations manager, customer support manager and fulfillment manager of her business. When Brooke decided to launch, I was ready. It started almost 3 years ago out of my house. I created an office space in my loft. Everytime Brooke appeared on television, sales would skyrocket. So, I had to bring two people aboard to help me. We quickly outgrew my loft! When Brooke merged with ModernMom, we opened a real office.

How has Baboosh Baby grown?

We decided to offer black and white tauts at the start. We had many requests for nude tauts, so we began offering those. Then, we developed the Baboosh Body exercise wrap, which is slowly saturating yoga and fitness centers. Brooke also developed her own organic belly oil to help prevent stretch marks. The oil is called L’huile de baboosh. It means oil of France. It’s not sweet or flowery. The scent was created while Brooke was pregnant, so it has a sensitive pregnant woman in mind. It absorbs right into the skin. I’ve had many calls from significant others who want to know what makes the sheets smell so great!! Brooke is always looking for the best products out there to share with moms. We are excited about many new ventures to come within Mom Inc. (Mom Inc. includes ModernMom and Baboosh Baby).

I have to ask, what does Baboosh mean?!

The name Baboosh Baby is a French term of endearment. It’s what Brooke and David call their little ones.

Any last words as a proud mom?

I love working with my daughter. I think she is a terrific spokesperson for all moms.


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