Multi-Tasking To The Extreme
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Multi-Tasking To The Extreme

Multi-tasking just took on a whole new meaning…Today I shot 2 episodes for The Doctors, so fun! We wrapped early so now I am at ModernMom working on some new content issues. I’ll make it to carpool today which is so important to my girls, yeah!

Just the Beginning

Tonight, my girlfriend is having a house party and I promised to bake my special “Go To” party dish, Baked Brie. Everyone loves it. It will be the hit of any party you attend. The recipe is linked at the end of this article, if you would like to make some yourself! Rain and Shaya are at home waiting for me and their sisters to get home for dinner…And I promised Neriah that I would open a savings account for her at our local bank before they close tonight! She is trying to save her small but hard earned allowance. A great lesson to start working on early.

And There’s More

Tomorrow at 9am I need to get my 8 year old to a friend’s b-day party then race back by 10am when a crew will arrive to shoot the kids and me at home for a special piece to air during the season, I have my first script mtg on the lot for DWTS, and I MUST be out of there for Neriah’s 10th birthday party at 3pm. After that 4 girls are at my house for her b- day sleepover. Sunday, I leave the house at 8am to head back to the lot for a show run through, meet the contestants, shoot some behind the scenes, etc. Oh yeah, I need to work out somewhere in the mist of all that, get a mani-pedi, and read my script! Did I forget to mention that I need to squeeze in lots of TLC for the kids in between, put out the usual family fires, breathe, write love letters to David and publish this blog!!!!

Deep Breath

Big breath, gotta run, I am truly swimming as fast as I can…

Hopefully I’ll pull it off and make it to Monday night’s premiere in one piece.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million more times. ..Somehow as mothers we get the job done.

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