Modernmom Weekly Calendar
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Modernmom Weekly Calendar


This weekly calendar is the perfect way to get organized for back to school and beyond.

You can organize your entire family’s schedule on this calendar – everything from soccer practice to music lessons to dentist appointments. It’s a great way to sort out the chaos of the entire week, at a quick glance. It’s colorful and easy to read because of its extra-large size (11″ x 17″).

You can post a page of weekly activities on a corkboard, on the refrigerator or anywhere that your family is sure to see it. You’ll never have that feeling that you’re forgetting something again! Plus, your kids will stop asking you to act as their schedule-keeper – they can look up their own activities on the calendar!

We all have phones that organize our days, but this one on your kitchen counter or wall helps keep everyone in the loop. Simple concept, great design and good price. Mommy must have. 

The start of school is the perfect time to start using a weekly calendar — get yours now for $20.

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