6 Month Anniversary Gifts for Men
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6 Month Anniversary Gifts for Men

It may not be quite as impressive as the golden anniversary, but the 6-month mark is something to be proud of. Whether you are celebrating 6 months with your fabulous boyfriend or the first 6 months of a blissful marriage, you may want to do something for your man to let him know how special he is. Picking out gifts for men can be tough, but the suggestions below can help.

Fun and Games

Does your man deserve a little time to relax and have fun? Then treating him to a recreational activity would be a thoughtful and appreciated gift. Consider giving him tickets to see his favorite team play, concert tickets, the latest video game or green fees at the golf course.


If you want to give your special someone a gift that he will treasure for years, jewelry is a great option. Your guy doesn’t have to be flashy to appreciate this gift. There are two pieces of jewelry that almost any man can use and enjoy–watches and cuff links. Both of these items come in a wide variety of styles and price ranges, so they are easy to both give and receive.

Gift of Gadgets

If your man is a geek, you really can’t go wrong by giving him a gadget. The cool thing is that you can choose useful gadgets like a handheld GPS, an MP3 player or a high-capacity flash drive, as well as just-for-fun gadgets like personalized LED signs, a USB lava lamp or a radio-controlled helicopter.

Intimate Getaways

If you really want to make an impression, taking your sweetheart on a romantic getaway will do the trick. A getaway can be as short as an afternoon together at a day spa to a week-long escape on a tropical island. Other possibilities include a weekend at a mountain cabin, an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast or a night at a luxury hotel.

Token Gifts

Perhaps you want to mark the 6-month occasion but you don’t want to go all out. A token gift is a little something to let your guy know that you are happy to have spent the last 6 months with him. Some ideas for thoughtful, yet inexpensive, token gifts are a bottle of wine, the latest CD from his favorite artist, a nice pen or an engraved pocket knife.

Sweet and Sappy

If you don’t mind wearing your heart on your sleeve and you think your man can handle it, consider a gift that shows him how you feel. You could give him a framed photo of the two of you or a poem you wrote just for him, or you could recreate your first date with him. There are even companies that will package your personal love note in a wine bottle for a special “message in a bottle.”

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