How to Dress Like Celebrities
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How to Dress Like Celebrities

Replicating a celebrity look can be a tricky business unless you have a personal shopper and a major budget. However, it is relatively easy to use a particular celebrity’s style as your muse. For many celebrities, the little black dress or the plain white tank top with jeans is the base to which they then add signature accessories.

Step 1

Look through fashion and celebrity magazines for inspiration. Do you like boho chic? Kate Moss and the Olsen twins are your go-to girls. Do you enjoy mixing up vintage and thrift store finds? Look no further than Sarah Jessica Parker or her alter-ego Carrie Bradshaw. For classic and clean, Michelle Obama fits the bill. Channel the sexy goddess within through the style choices of Eva Longoria, or go for the girl-next-store vibe courtesy of Jennifer Aniston.

Step 2

Start with the basics. Look for jeans, black dresses, tailored blazers, tank tops and T-shirts that are cut well and made of good-quality fabrics. You need not invest $3,000 in a pair of embellished Gucci Genius jeans or $300 for Stella McCartney’s oversized panther T-shirt. American Apparel creates fitted T-shirts in interesting cotton weaves for less than $20, and you can still get a pair of Levis for about the same. You can also shop the ready-to-wear lines that some designers have made for budget fashionistas, such as Vera Wang’s ensembles for Kohls and Alexander McQueen’s creations for Target. To get the lowdown on who is wearing what, consult the website Cool Spotters (see Resources below), which “Jezebel” magazine accused of being more than a little bit stalker.

Step 3

Stalk the virtual and actual racks for fashion finds. The buzz on the streets in celebrity-inspired looks is replica accessories. These are not the direct copies of designer goods, which are illegal to sell and buy, but rather fashions that are a tribute to those worn by red carpet luminaries. Baghaus (see Resources below) has a celebrity page that allows you to find its replica products by the star who inspired them.

Step 4

Accent the look. Jennifer Aniston rocked her Lofli Streamline straight leg jeans by adding a jaunty knit cap and scarf. Penelope Cruz loves a small, minimalistic clutch such as Tod’s Capucine Pochette. Supermodel Gisele Bundchen doesn’t need to add heels to her height, so she goes for her own Ipanema flat sandals. Kate Hudson keeps it funky and bohemian with the Jimmy Choo Diane Fringe Bag and dark Versace sunglasses. Gwen Stefani pairs athletic wear with a punky edge, resulting in graphic hoodies and lace-up heels. Siren Angelina Jolie is all about black these days, be it on high-heeled leather boots, Bottega Veneta shades or Alexander McQueen’s Elvie patent leather bag.

Step 5

Check the finishing details. Nothing brings down a celebrity-inspired look than a raggedy hairstyle or a chipped manicure. Inspect your ensemble for stray threads, rips or stains before rocking it at the club. The fit should be good and accentuate your assets. Above all else, bring your celebrity-size attitude to convey your signature style.


  • Going carbon copy for a celebrity style can go awry. It is better to add your personal twist to a look.

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