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What Are the Pros & Cons of Computer Dating?

According to “The New York Times,” nearly one in three people are searching for love on the Internet. There are definite positive aspects to this online mating phenomenon. Unfortunately, there are also some drawbacks to finding a date online.

Pro: Anonymity

If you are shy or you just want to see who is out there, online dating sites offer you privacy while you test the waters, which is definitely a plus. Thanks to screen names and private profile options, you can only reveal as much about yourself as you want.

Pro: Easy Rejections

If you decide a connection with one of your computer dating matches is not for you, a cyber break-up is much easier than the real-world equivalent. There’s no face-to-face interaction. Some dating sites even provide you with a break-up form letter.

Pro: Browsing

Staring and sizing people up is usually considered poor manners. On dating sites, though, you are encouraged to browse people’s photos and profiles with a discerning eye. There are no mixed signals and no need to worry about getting a wink from the creepy guy by the bar or an unwanted hand touch from the giggly lady seated next to you.

Con: Lack of Visual Confirmation

Most people would like to say that looks don’t matter, but for many, they do. The problem with browsing photos on a computer dating site is that you don’t really know if the cute 20-something you’re looking at is really a cute 20-something and not a middle-aged hopeful, for instance. In fact, a person can be male, married and have five kids while claiming to be female, single and childless. You just never know.

Con: Blind Dates

Since you really have not met your online match, the first date is a blind date. This can make things awkward, especially if the person is not anything like you imagined.

Con: Stranger Danger

The effortlessness of hiding personal information online makes it easy for predators to lurk on dating sites. Men and women alike should never meet others at their home. A well-lit, public place is usually the best first date spot. For added security, bring friends. Make it a group date.

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