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Low-Carb Low-Fat Diet Foods

If both low-carb and low-fat diets can be a successful way to lose weight, it would seem that combining the two–by eating only foods that are both low fat and low carb–would mean even faster weight loss. You can lose weight quickly on this kind of diet, but your food choices are quite limited., according to the Mayo Clinic. You should also take care to count the number of calories you are eating, as eating only low-carb, low-fat foods may actually leave you eating so few calories that your body goes into starvation mode, halting your weight loss.


The humble egg is a high-protein, low-fat food, depending on the way that you prepare it. Frying the egg in oil is going to increase the fat content–not what you want. Instead, eat hard boiled or poached eggs, according to the Low Carb website. You could also create an omelet using a non-stick pan.


Salad can be a good way to fill you up without adding a lot of carbs or fat to your diet. The bulk of your salad should be leafy greens and spinach. You can then add other low-carb vegetables, such as cucumber, radish and tomatoes. Remember that some common salad ingredients, such as carrots or corn, are high in carbs, and other toppings, such as walnuts or cheese, can be high in fat. You also have to pay attention to the type of dressing you use. Fat-free dressings typically have higher carbs to make up for the loss of flavor when removing the fat. If you want something completely fat-free, look for flavored vinegars. Otherwise, choose a low-fat dressing, such as a vinaigrette. Read the label first.

Lean Meats

While a lot of meats do have some fat, they don’t have carbs. Choose low-fat varieties, such as chicken, turkey and tuna. Prepare meats in low-fat ways, such as by broiling, baking or smoking to avoid fat in cooking. You can add tuna directly to the top of your salad for a great burst of protein.


If you’re a vegetarian looking for some low-carb protein ideas, tofu is the way to go. Check the label because some versions of tofu add flavors, such as vanilla or strawberry, which increases the carb count. You also want to be sure you are buying low-fat tofu, not the full-fat version.

Protein Powder

Protein powder usually comes from soy or whey. Most brands have a variety of flavors, including vanilla, chocolate and berry. Mix this with water or skim milk for a high protein drink.

Cottage Cheese

Fat-free versions of cottage cheese are low in carbs and fat. Many people add fruit to cottage cheese, but that is a no-no if you’re following a low-carb diet. Instead, eat it plain, add it to a smoothie with protein powder or turn it into a savory treat by blending it with some garlic and dill.

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