Clothes That Hide Pregnancy
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Clothes That Hide Pregnancy

Just weeks after your pregnancy, you may start showing. Even if everyone around you can’t tell, you might start feeling bloated and constricted. If you aren’t ready to start announcing the reason for the added weight, dress strategically to conceal that little baby bump. Use both the maternity and the non-maternity sections of the store to keep your secret.


When you are ready to show off your pregnant body, you will be glad to flaunt your curves. Until then, avoid tight clothes that will display that belly. Look for shirts and dresses that flow freely around the belly. Peasant, baby doll and empire-style shirts and dresses let the fabric drape around your stomach, concealing anything underneath. Even enlarging breasts and thighs can be a bit of a giveaway so wear rather loose clothing there as well. However, don’t wear anything too casual or too outside your normal fashion, which could give someone license to ask you questions.


Try a shirt and move around in it a bit, before heading out in it. Sit down, bend over and reach up. Ask your partner or a trusted friend whether your growing belly pops out the bottom of the shirt. If so, move to another option. Don’t risk the chance that someone will sneak a peak of that little bundle. Look for shirts that are long, reaching to or just past your bottom. Note that pants, shorts and skirts need not be burdened with the responsibility of covering your tummy. Wear comfy, stylish options that sit just under your belly. The length of the shirt will lengthen the look of your torso, camouflaging the growing width. Vertical stripes and patterns will also serve this purpose.


Take advantage of warm weather gear by wearing layers to hide your growing bellies. Embrace thick, warm sweaters and jackets, whose bulk will camouflage any bulk your body is gaining. Drape a puffy scarf or wear a handful of bold necklaces to create bulk high on your torso and draw everyone’s eyes up. Keep interesting details away from your belly region. Now is not the time to show off a little cleavage. To cover your growing breasts, look for shirts that come up over your breasts. If you want to wear a V-neck or other low-hanging shirt, wear a camisole underneath that will cover any popping cleavage. Wear bras that support your breasts comfortably without shoving them up under your chin. In general, do not dress to flaunt when you are trying to hide.

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