Easy Valentine Craft Projects for Kids
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Easy Valentine Craft Projects for Kids

Break out the glitter and glue and create some simple, fun crafts for Valentine’s Day. Although the holiday represents love and romance to adults, to children it’s all about friendship, hearts and candy. Prepare for your child’s school Valentine’s Day party by making cards and treats for his classmates. You can also whip up some simple crafts to decorate your home for the holiday.

Valentine’s Day Craft Supplies

Valentine’s Day craft supplies do not differ too much from every day craft supplies, except that you may want to stock up on more glitter, red and pink tissue paper and paper lace. Look for inexpensive heart-shaped doilies and ribbons printed with hearts as well. You will also need basic supplies, such as non-toxic glue, magic markers and child-safe scissors.

DIY Valentines

Buying a box of preprinted Valentine cards may be quick and convenient, but it does not allow for much creativity on your child’s part. Set aside time the weekend before Valentine’s Day to make simple homemade cards. Help your child fold red construction paper in half, then draw half a heart along the fold. Cut out the half heart shape and unfold the paper. The child can then decorate the hearts any way he wishes.

Hearty Crafts

Use heart-shaped paper cut outs to decorate your home. Help your child cut out several small hearts. Use a single hole punch to poke a hole on each side of the heart. Thread a ribbon through the hole to make a banner of hearts. You and your child can also string several paper hearts of different sizes together to make a heart mobile. A child can also easily shape hearts using clay, let the clay dry and then paint the hearts. Clay hearts make nice Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers.

Make a Bouquet

It just wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a bouquet of roses or flowers. Help your child cut out several circles from tissue paper. Stack the circles on top of each other, then poke a pipe cleaner through the center. Make a loop at the top of the pipe cleaner to secure the paper and bunch in it so that it looks like a flower. You can also cut up an empty egg carton and thread the cups onto the pipe cleaner to make a flower.

Crafts to Eat or Wear

Use small heart-shaped molds and melting chocolate to make little lollipops to attach to your child’s Valentine’s cards. You can also help your child decorate small paper bags with glitter, hearts and flowers and fill the bags with treats and candy. Thread heart-shaped beads onto string to help your child make necklaces or bracelets to give to her friends. You can also make bracelets out of ribbons. Cut the ribbon to fit around a child’s wrist, then press stick-on Velcro to either end.

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