The Best Makeup for Black Females
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The Best Makeup for Black Females

For the most part, for a woman’s makeup to look its best, it should complement the woman’s skin tones. This means that women with light skin cannot wear the same makeup that women with dark skin wear. Understanding how to complement and match your black skin with makeup that enhances your natural beauty can give you confidence to make you look your best.

Match Undertones

Choosing a makeup base or foundation that does not match your skin’s undertones can leave your skin looking dry or ashy. It is important to choose a makeup that complements those undertones. According to, women with very dark skin typically have cool undertones, while women with lighter shades have warmer undertones.

Try Two Tones

For women who have varying skin tones on their face, they can use two different foundations. Matching the tones can be done by testing it on the skin of your wrist to be sure it matches.

Contour Blush

Blush can be applied so that it contours the bones of your cheeks. You can choose a rich color that will complement your skin. Be sure to use it lightly, as a heavy application will make the makeup stand out too starkly and not look natural.

Bronzer Works

Many black women use a bronzer instead of blush. Bronzer works well for women who have warm skin tones. Applying the bronzer lightly over the entire face will help give your skin an even, warm look.

Eyecolor Enhances

Eye makeup will highlight and accentuate your eyes if chosen properly. Applying an eyeliner along the inside of the upper and lower lid will frame your eyes. Choosing eye shadows that contrast your eye color will bring the color out. A lighter shade of eye shadow on your eyelids will make them pop and look alive. Contrasting the lid color with a slightly darker shade under the brow will increase the effect of the light eye shadow on the lid.

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