Greatest Hairstyles
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Greatest Hairstyles

A great hairstyle is something that never goes out of style. It may stay out of the limelight for a bit; however, it is resilient enough to survive and come back stronger with some variations of its classic version. A hairstyle becomes great when people want to imitate it. In some cases, a hairstyle becomes even greater because a particular celebrity made it famous, prompting hairstylists to refer to the hairstyle with the celebrity’s name attached to it.

Bob Cut

Ever since its screen debut in the 1920s, the bob cut still persists. The first one to make the bob cut famous was Louise Brooks, who became more controversial by donning the classic bob. Through the years, more celebrities wore the bob cut in different versions–Marilyn Monroe with her wavy bob cut, Katie Holmes with her sleek bob cut and Victoria Beckham with her inverted bob cut. A bob cut works for young and old alike. Keeping the bob at chin length, with or without fringes, whether straight or wavy, will make the bob cut a manageable hairstyle for almost all facial shapes. Time will continue to pass, and different hairstyles will come and go; however, the bob cut will live on.

Crop Cut

The crop cut has two other versions–chop and pixie. It is a boyish cut that is a lot shorter than a bob cut. In the 1960s, supermodel/actress Twiggy made the crop cut her style, which immediately went abuzz like wildfire. Cut your hair at the nape or just below the back of your head and cut around your ears to expose them. Part your hair on one side and side-sweep the bangs over your forehead. Twiggy’s version is sleek and shiny, almost geometric with clean lines. In the 2000s, actress Halle Berry wore a shorter version of the pixie cut with added layers and soft spikes. In 2010, Kelly Osbourne donned her own version and kept her bangs very short. People spot her in a black or, sometimes, platinum blond crop.

Feathery Layers

When Farrah Fawcett became one of the three “angels” in the hit 1970s TV hit series “Charlie’s Angels,” she captivated women and men alike with her beautiful, wide smile. Complementing her physique and sex appeal were her feathery layers–otherwise known as the Farrah Fawcett hairstyle. Her long, blond hair became more voluminous with the addition of layers and waves curled outward or in flyaways, making them look like wings. Decades later, different versions of this hairstyle came about such as the wet and wavy layered hairstyle and the chunky layered wavy hairstyle donned by various female celebrities.

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