Fun Games for Kids With Walkie Talkies
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Fun Games for Kids With Walkie Talkies

Walkie talkies are fun for kids and adults alike. They give kids a sense of independence and camaraderie as they chat with one another around the yard, the school, the after-school program or any other area. The next time you find yourself with a handful of unruly kids, pull out the walkie talkies and watch your kids light up with excitement and creativity.


Walkie talkies add a new dimension to hide and seek games. Kids can use the communication devices to give directions to one another or to try to find each other. Give a walkie talkie to each child or each team and encourage each group to find the other, while avoiding being found. Set clear boundaries as kids maneuver around the area.


Kids can use walkie talkies to find a treasure or treat. By hiding a box of treasures, your group of kids can act as pirates, explorers or other adventurers. You can have groups of kids start from different areas and work with the other teams to find the treasure. Alternatively, you can have one or two children stationed at the top of a slide or other tall structure.


Unless the kids playing the game are mature and capable, you should use kids’ walkie talkies, or ones that are indestructible. Little kids may find it difficult to work some walkie talkies. Some require kids to hold down a button when they are talking and let go when they are listening. Little kids might like ones they can talk over, even when holding the button. This will alleviate frustration. Make pretend walkie talkies out of foam blocks for toddlers who are participating.


Walkie talkies can be a major distraction and can give kids a false sense of security. Remind kids of the borders. Let them know they will be disqualified if they leave the restricted areas. Fences make this much easier. If you are letting older kids wander from a yard or safe area, remind them not to talk with strangers, even if those strangers offer to help.


You can make the game even harder and more exciting with certain obstacles. Let kids play hide and seek in a school or large classroom, dodging behind desks, bookshelves and chairs. The outside, such as a backyard, will give you stumps, trees, sheds and other items to hide around. Set up forts in the snow or with blankets. The cover of darkness creates an exciting element.

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