Things to Do at a Kid’s Slumber Party
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Things to Do at a Kid’s Slumber Party

An upcoming slumber party may have your child overly excited, while you may be wondering what you got yourself into. To make a slumber party go smoothly, you’ll want to keep the kids busy. Schedule one main event or several smaller activities around the food, cake and present opening. The party will go smoothly, and everyone will have a good time.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt takes little time to prepare, but it can lead to hours of fun. You can have the kids search for items in the house, or if you know your neighbors, set up a neighborhood scavenger hunt. In a neighborhood scavenger hunt, kids go door to door, asking for items. Make a list of various items, such as a green rubber band or a 1983 penny, for teams of kids to find. The first team to find all the items wins a prize.


Don’t just watch some movies. Set the room up for a movie experience. Lay out large pillows and beanbags for the kids to lounge on. Set out movie popcorn, candy and drinks. Turn off the lights to let the kids enjoy the show.

Beauty Salon

Setting up a beauty salon in your home will make a girls party memorable. Around the house, you can have a nail station, hair station and makeup station. For younger girls, set out some princess dress-up clothes as well. Get older siblings or your friends to help at each station as the beauty “experts.”

Science Experiments

Set up several stations for quick science experiments. These get messy, so choose an area like the kitchen or even outside–anywhere that will be easy to clean. Make slime with white glue, water and borax, make oobleck with cornstarch and water, make silly putty with glue and liquid starch, and make volcanoes with vinegar and baking soda. You can give the kids specific recipes to follow, or let them experiment with their own measurements.


Buy several games, or have each kid bring a favorite game to the party. Set up the games depending on how many kids are attending the party. With only a few guests, you may want to play one game at a time that involves all the kids, such as Twister or Pictionary. However, if you have a large group, running two or three board games simultaneously may work best.

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