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First Birthday & Baptism Party

First birthdays and baptisms celebrate the welcoming of new lives as they envelop the family, both spiritually and emotionally. Invite family and friends alike to honor this little life, by attending a party in your home or other welcoming place. Celebrate the growth of your family with a special, one-of-a-kind party.


First birthday and baptism combination parties are great for families who are spread around the country. Putting these two monumental events together allows family members and friends to travel for one activity, rather than two. If you and your family are particularly spiritual, these two events together can be meaningful. As you celebrate the physical life of your little one, you can celebrate his spiritual life.


First birthdays that are combined with baptisms call for a gathering of friends and family. Extend the invitation to those who live far away. This is the type of party people may want to travel for. You may also want to invite those who live nearby. Don’t feel obligated to invite everyone you know in your town. This is an opportunity to spend time with your baby’s loved ones. Don’t forget to invite your child’s godparents, grandparents and the pastor or priest involved in the baptism.


Send your invitations a few weeks in advance, if your loved ones need to drive in from another town to attend your party. If your loved ones need to fly in, send a save-the-date card or give them a verbal warning about the party three to six months in advance. Purchase or make invitations that are white and pale blue or pink, depending on the sex of that baby. A dove or shell are common symbols associated with baptism.


Plan a party after the baptismal service. You can have everyone leave the church and come to your house or other location directly after. If your little birthday boy needs a nap, invite guests to take a break, since that’s what the guest of honor will be doing, and plan the party for when your little one is awake.


Serve a light meal after the baptism to feed your party guests. Simple sandwiches, salads, fruits and small snacks will fill up your guests without stuffing them or taxing your budget. Since it’s also a birthday party, don’t forget a cake. A white cake is well-suited for the liturgical event of the baptism.

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