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Fun Educational Kid Games

Lots of educational games for today’s kids are synonymous for fun. While kids are entertained and engaged in a variety of educational games, they are also learning, practicing or polishing various skills, in such areas as science, math, reading and logic. These fun educational games are available as boxed and packaged games, computer games or on-line games.

Science Games

Whether it’s chemistry, biology, anatomy or other science classifications, a variety of science-themed games provide kids with lots of fun and lots of information at the same time. In “Totally Gross, The Game” (from University Games), kids stretch their slime (included with the game) as they answer questions dealing with such trivia, such as “snot helps keep your lungs clean.” The “Somebody Board Game” by TaliCor features stick-on body pieces that help kids learn about anatomy. In “Linkology” (Learning Resources), a science card game, kids link together facts about the animal kingdom.

Reading Games

Practicing reading skills doesn’t always have to involve reading books; fun games can provide reading practice in phonics as well. In “Think Fun What’s Gnu” (from Think Fun), even the youngest readers can practice phonics by playing this game that received The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval. In “Bananagrams” (by Bananagrams), a banana-shaped container holds letters for a Scrabble-type game. The “iMAgiNiff Game” by Buffalo Games, best suited to middle school students, has kids reading and answering challenging “what if” statements.

Math Games

Memorizing and using math facts can be fun when kids use games rather than worksheets. In the “Sum Swamp Addition and Subtraction Game” by Learning Resources, kids get themselves out of a swampy mess while looking out for crocodiles. “Equate: The Equation Thinking Game,” by Conceptual Math Media, introduces kids to the concept that equations can be challenging fun. The traditional favorite “Yahtzee” from Hasbro remains an effective way to learn the multiplication table and have fun at the same time.

Logic Games

A variety of games give kids the opportunity to improve their sense of logic while having fun. “No Stress Chess” by Winning Moves is an introductory game that uses cards for learning chess. In the “Qwirkle Board Game” (Mindware) kids create columns and rows of matching colors and shapes in a creative game of logic. “Dominion” by Rio Grande Games has kids competing, each as a monarch, to end up with the biggest, most pleasing kingdom.

Online Games

Educational and entertaining online games for kids abound on the Internet. At PBS Kids, characters from the PBS network teach kids about reading, math and other skills. Such kid celebrities, as Curious George, Elmo, Barney and Clifford, inspire kids to learn. At KidSites, players can choose from games on a variety of subjects, including animals, art, dinosaurs, history, math, music, science and space.

Video Games

Among the top-rated kids videos, according to Parenting.com, is the game “ItzaBitza” from Sabi Games; kids draw objects following prompts they must read, and they are rewarded by seeing their drawing animated. Creative Child named “ItzaBitza” its 2009 Game of the Year award winner. “Crayon Physics Deluxe” from the company of the same name was given the 2008 Independent Game Fest Grand Prize. Using imagination and logic, players must move a ball to a specific spot by drawing in new objects in what is actually a 2-D physics puzzle.

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