Celebrity Diet Tricks
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Celebrity Diet Tricks

Celebrities are paid to look good. Whether they are starring in a movie or going grocery shopping, the world stops to watch and judge the way they look. Celebrities are under constant scrutiny to maintain good figures. Each celebrity has certain diet tricks she uses to get those extra few pounds off as quickly as possible.

They Eat Breakfast

Celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez and Penelope Cruz, know that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Gunnar Peterson, their trainer, instructs them and other celebrity clients to eat within 30 minutes of waking up each morning. This practice prevents their bodies from thinking they won’t eat and going into starvation mode, where the metabolism slows. A suggested breakfast is 1 cup of oatmeal, mixed with sliced fresh fruit, three scrambled egg whites and a glass of water.

Wave Goodbye to White Food

Celebrities are often told to stop eating white food. White rice, white potatoes, white sugar are all things to avoid if they want to keep their slim, famous figures. Instead, they eat sweet potatoes, brown rice and honey. Celebrity trainer Teddy Bass has advised clients, including Cameron Diaz, to let go of white pasta, and instead get her carbs from fresh fruits and vegetables. Even when eating healthy foods, celebrities are cautioned not to eat too many calories as calories will pack on pounds, regardless of their nutritional value.

Spice It Up

Liv Tyler and Anne Hathaway are instructed by David Kirsch, their trainer, to spice up their meals with red pepper flakes or hot sauce, according to CNNHealth.com. The spices make the food more flavorful, making you enjoy it more and getting your fill more quickly. This also helps cut the number of calories you consume.

Count Backward

Celebrities Jessica Alba and Halle Berry have each used the counting-backward diet method, according to Health.com. The 3-2-1 day consists of eating three meals, and having two snacks and being sure to drink one liter of water each day. With an average daily calorie count of 1,700, the celebs stick to lean proteins and avoid refined foods completely.

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