Good Foods to Eat When Losing Weight
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Good Foods to Eat When Losing Weight

When you want to lose weight, you have to think about the food you are putting in. If you are aware of what is going into your body, you will be better prepared to shape your body into the form you want. Don’t let food become your worst weight-loss enemy. Embrace some good meals and snacks that can actually help you lose weight.


Being hungry–or worse, starving–is unproductive to your weight-loss goals. Your metabolism will slow down once it starts to observe that it needs to reserve energy. Instead of working off the fat you have, your body will store the fat during your starvation. Furthermore, those aches in your stomach will drive you to your local drive-through or to convenient snacks, which are full of fats, salts and sugars. Start your day with a hearty breakfast full of fibers, proteins and fruits. This will keep your belly full and stop you from running to unhealthy foods. If you are headed to a party or other tempting food buffet, fill up with some healthy snacks, such as raw vegetables, which will fend off those gnawing pangs.


For each meal, choose carbs that are high in fiber. Such options include apples, celery, whole-wheat bread and wheat germ. These filling fibers help your belly feel full and give you plenty to chew on. However, dietary fibers are not digested and turned into sugars and fat. Instead, they move through the body, scrubbing through your digestive system, before they are eliminated from the body. Use these fibers to bulk up your meals and snacks, giving you more to eat and drink without worrying about it ending up on your waistline. Pour some wheat germ or flax into your smoothies or yogurt.


Don’t limit yourself to “health” foods that taste like grass or cardboard. If you start getting bored or frustrated with your foods, you may find solace in your favorite desserts and junk foods. Plan some delicious treats into your diet to ensure you can stay on track. If you love chocolate, don’t ban it from your diet. You are likely to have a day when you just have to have it. Keep the German chocolate cake and fudge away, and have small dark chocolate bars on hand. Treat yourself to an antioxidant-filled bar when the craving calls. Fruits, low-fat milk, soy and almond milks, and honey satisfy those sweet and creamy cravings.

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