Food Schedule to Lose Weight
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Food Schedule to Lose Weight

If you head out on your weight loss journey without a map, you are never going to arrive at your destination. Instead of wandering around the diet and weight loss wilderness, choose a diet plan that works best for you and arrive at your goal in a timely, satisfied manner.

Your Goal

You need to figure out where you want to go before you can get there. Visit with your doctor and determine how much weight you need to lose to be healthy. Ask him how quickly you should lose this weight and work with him to evaluate how many calories you will need per day to shed the weight safely over time. Have little goals that lead up to your ultimate weight loss goal.

Your Plan

Once you discover how many calories you need per day, you can start putting together a map to your goal. First, put together a meal schedule that will fit into your day. Start with a solid breakfast, and include lunch, dinner and snacks between. If you need to schedule more meals instead of a few large ones, plan a handful of little meals throughout the day. Divide the number of calories per day by the number of meals you want. This will tell you how many calories you can have per meal. Make a master list of meals and snacks with this many calories. Then put together calendars for the coming days or weeks with these meals plugged into the days.

Be Realistic

Don’t be too hard on yourself, or you will regret your plan later. Know yourself and your cravings. Work your favorites into your diet. If you know there are certain times of the day when you love to munch or tend to get a rumbling stomach, plan one of your meals during this time. Don’t deny yourself food; just plan to eat strategically.

Sweet Treats

If you have a sweet tooth, plan sweet snacks throughout your days. You may want to give yourself a sweet treat in the afternoon. If you just have to have a taste of your favorite dessert, portion it into small pieces, fitting your caloric allowance. Give yourself that portion each day. If you need something more, use berries or dried fruits to bulk up your snack.

Consider Your Activity

If you are working out, you can eat a few more calories each day. Discuss this with your doctor when you evaluate your calories per day. As your workouts increase, you may need a few more calories. Especially right after your workout, you may feel a gnawing hunger pang. Don’t ignore it; plan for it.

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