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Baby Names From Movies

Choosing a name for your baby may be one of the more difficult decisions you will make during your pregnancy. You want a name that is different from the rest, but not one that is so unusual that your child will have to spend the rest of his life spelling and slowly pronouncing it to the people he meets. Some parents look to Hollywood and their favorite movies for help when it comes to picking out a name.


If you are having a girl, consider the name Holly, after Audrey Hepburn’s character in the 1950s film, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” According to the Nameberry website, Holly is a popular name for a girl who is born around the winter holidays, since it a shortened version the name “Holiday” and comes from the tree of the same name, the berries of which are a popular Christmas decoration.


Another delightful pick for a girl’s name is Ariel, after the mermaid who wanted to be human in the animated movie, “The Little Mermaid.” If you are more a fan of 1980s teen movies than Disney cartoons, you can name your daughter after Ariel Moore, the preacher’s daughter in “Footloose.”


Look to the French for the name Amelie, the title character from Jean Pierre Jeunet’s 2000 film. The name means “energetic,” which the character Amelie certainly was. Who knows, if you choose the name, you may end up with a daughter who is also plotting to help others with a twinkle in her eye.


“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” is a movie beloved by many people of a certain age. If you want to honor the film, but find the name Ferris to be a bit too strange, consider naming your son Cameron, after his reliable, yet strung-out, best friend. According to Nameberry, Cameron was one of the more popular names of 2009. While traditionally a boy’s name, it is now also used for girls, too.


If you’ve been bitten by the vampire bug, you may want to name your son Edward, after the attractive yet tormented lead vampire from the series. Aside from its appearance in the “Twilight” series, Edward has a long history as a boy’s name and was also the name of a few kings of England.


The name Harry appears a lot in films, from the classic romantic comedy “When Harry Met Sally” to the book-turned-movie franchise, “Harry Potter.” Harry is a classic name and is actually a diminutive of the name Henry, even though more people are skipping the Henry and simply naming their sons Harry.


Summer was the name of Zooey Deschanel’s bright-eyed heartbreaker in the 2009 film, “(500) Days of Summer.” It’s a perfect name to choose, no matter what season your baby girl is born in, since it will make you think of brighter, warmer days.


Whether you are a lifelong Trekkie or just enjoyed J.J. Abram’s 2009 movie version of “Star Trek,” the name Kirk, after Captain James T. Kirk, is a good way to show your love of the series and give your baby boy an interesting and slightly one-of-a-kind name.

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