Mother’s Day Crafts for Children
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Mother’s Day Crafts for Children

When Mother’s Day is coming up, your child wants to give you something great, but face it–a kid’s craft isn’t always the most useful thing. Guide her toward making something that’s useful and personal. It will make her happier when she can see you using and appreciating the gift every day.

Paper Bead Jewelry

Show your child how to create beads by cutting long, thin triangles from colorful magazine pages, then applying some glue and rolling them into beads. A coat of clear nail polish will strengthen the bead and make it prettier. She can then string the beads together to make a necklace or bracelet.

Potholder and Apron

If you do most of the cooking for the family, a potholder and apron may be very useful. Purchase plain white versions of these items, and give your child fabric paint or permanent markers to draw with. He can create any design that he wants on both items.

Painted Flower Pot

As the weather starts to get nicer, you’ll be thinking about planting your garden. Ceramic pots are relatively cheap, and your child can paint her own designs along the outside, using paints specially made for ceramic.

Picture Frame

A nice picture frame could hold a treasured picture of you and your child. You can purchase a wooden frame that has a wide area that your child can use to add his own personal touch. He could paint it or decide to glue small pieces of glass in a mosaic pattern.

Spa Items

Some spa items are relatively easy to make. For example, she could make you a salt scrub by putting sea salt in a jar, adding a scented oil and filling it up with almond oil. Alternatively, she could purchase a plain-scented lotion and add a favorite scent to the lotion.

Decoupage Box

A small decorative box could hold your jewelry or other small items that may not have a place around the home. Your child can cut out pictures from a magazine and then glue them onto a box. When the piece is finished, he should spray it with a laminating spray to make it stronger.

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