Scary & Spooky Halloween Treats
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Scary & Spooky Halloween Treats

Throwing a big Halloween bash? Creep out kids and adults with some super-spooky (tasty) treats. It’s so easy – you can transform everyday snacks and treats with small details and with clever monikers. From sweet and scary to savory and icky, these recipes are scary enough to wake the dead and liven up any holiday gathering!

Graveyard Cupcakes

Use your favorite cupcake recipe or take a shortcut with boxed mix. A box mix will yield 24 cupcakes, which you can transform into creepy graveyards. Frost each cupcake with chocolate frosting. Sprinkle crushed chocolate cookies to look like dirt. Dip graham crackers into melted chocolate. Mix white chocolate with black chocolate if you cannot find gray candy chocolate. Let the cookie dry. Write, “RIP” or “Dare” on each cookie. Stick it into the cupcake. For added grossness, embed a gummy worm into the top of each cupcake, letting the worm hang down as if it were slithering away.

Broken Fingers

Bake a batch of broken skeleton fingers. Use refrigerated bread or pizza dough and cut it into strips. Twist each strip to look like a bony and warped finger. Attach an almond slice to the end of each finger and bake. Decorate each baked finger with faux rings, using writing gel and candy. Drizzle confectioners sugar mixed with red dye and water on the ends of the fingers, to make them look they were chopped off. For added effect, slip a fake knife made with aluminum foil and cardboard under the plate. Serve with “brain matter” – mashed avocados mixed with mild salsa. Rely on the kids’ favorite pigs in a blanket snack to make your soon-to-be-infamous mummy fingers. Cut all-beef or turkey hotdogs in half, and wrap in refrigerated dough. Bake for 13 minutes and remove. Spread on a platter with ketchup squirted on the ends.

Devilish Egg Eyes

Boil a dozen eggs. Peel each cooled egg and cut in half. Mix the yolk with a small amount of mayonnaise and mustard and salt and pepper. Fill each egg half with the yolk mixture. Place the eggs on a tray of cooked and cooled whole wheat pasta. Slice black olives for the pupils, or use green olives and pimentos for the eye. Sprinkle with paprika. [Read “Halloween Recipes: Deviled Eyeballs (Eggs)”]

Crunchy Spider Treats

Kids will think they really are biting into crunchy spider shells when you make these crunchy spider treats. Make a batch of crispy cereal treats, but instead of putting them in a rectangular dish, roll the mixture into round balls. Stick cut-up pieces of black licorice into the balls. Cover the balls with fruit roll ups until you can’t see the marshmallow and cereal anymore. Or dip them in melted chocolate. Attach creepy spider eyes with round candies and use candy corn for fangs. Refrigerate until hardened.

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