Brooke Burke’s Summer Beauty Secrets
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Brooke Burke’s Summer Beauty Secrets

The summer months are so harsh on your skin and hair. The heat, sun and chlorine can do some serious damage. But worry not- there are remedies for these problems- even for multi-tasking moms with limited time. Celebrity mom of four Brooke Burke shares all her summer beauty secrets here. From products to professional tips, Brooke seems to know it all when it comes to looking glam! So take a few minutes to discover how this busy mom stays stunning all season long!

Practice Safe Sun

The most important thing you can do for yourself (and your kids) is wear sunscreen ? every time you go outdoors. And it?s not enough to smear a little on and go. Make sure you?re using an adequate SPF (at least 30 for days at the pool or beach) and apply it about 30 minutes before you plan to leave. And don?t be stingy. Most dermatologists say that the average adult needs about a shot glass full of sunscreen to be adequately protected. Remember that not all sunscreens are created equal either. Before Brooke buys a sun care product she makes sure it protects against both UVA and UVB rays (the package should say broad spectrum) and contains a physical blocker like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Tress Rx

After protecting your skin, your hair is the next most vulnerable area. Before heading out, Brooke likes to spritz on a leave-in conditioner formulated with sunscreen, like Nioxin Scalp Shield Sunblock SPF 20, $19.99, which is not only great for her hair, but safeguards her scalp as well. But of course the sun isn?t hair?s only enemy. Remember that hair is very porous, so while you?re busy splashing in the surf or pool, it?s soaking up chlorine and salt water, which can leave it dry and dull. Try this tip that Brooke (and many pro stylists) swear by: Before you dive in, saturate your hair with tap water (from an outdoor shower or spray bottle) and run a little conditioner through it. This way your hair will absorb clean water and soak up less salt and chlorine. When you?re done swimming, repeat the process to keep chlorine and salt from penetrating.

Protect Your Color

If you have color-treated hair like Brooke, you need to be extra cautious to protect your investment, which means stocking up on styling products formulated with SPF. Leave-in and deep conditioners are best because they?re designed to penetrate the hair cuticle (as opposed to mousses and sprays that just sit on top of strands) providing a hidden layer of sun protection. And if you?re caught off-guard without your precious SPF products, just run a little regular sunscreen over your hair, slick it back and don a hat. Colorists also suggest using shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for color-treated hair, to protect against the stripping effects of the heat and sun (they work well against chlorine discoloration, too).

Change With the Seasons

Even though Brooke loves her gorgeous brunette locks, she likes to add some sun-kissed shimmer for summer. If your tresses are brown like Brooke?s or red, talk to your colorist about doing some highlights a shade or two lighter than your base color. Ask to have them spread underneath your hair?s layers to create a soft, totally natural, yet volumized look. If you?re already a blonde, think about going a shade or two lighter for summer. Just keep the change subtle to avoid looking too ?done.?

Summer Time (And Money) Saver

One of Brooke?s best kept summer secrets is salon glossing treatments, like Wella Professional’s Color Touch Relights, which infuse highlights or single-process blondes with shine and dimension. The best part? Just a 20-minute glossing treatment can extend the time between highlight appointments, saving you money and time that?s better spent on the beach!

Sole Support

One of Brooke?s favorite parts of summer is all the beautiful strappy sandals, but nothing can ruin a great pair faster than ungroomed feet. As feet come out of hiding, you?re bound to have issues like dry, flaky skin, calluses and cracked heels. Here?s how to pamper your peds right at home:

Soak your feet in a basin of warm water for 10 minutes with some orange and lemon slices (the citrus juice is a great exfoliator and disinfectant). Or, if you prefer, add some honey to the water, which is also a natural antiseptic and a great moisturizer.
Scrub callused areas with a pumice stone and a foot scrub (your favorite body scrub works just as well) and pat dry.
Apply a generous layer of foot cream or body lotion and slip on some cotton socks. Be sure to reapply every morning after you shower.

Lighten Up (your makeup, that is)

Depending on where you live, summer can be a humid affair. So downsize your beauty regimen to include just the basics. Skip heavy foundation, which just melts away, and opt instead for a tinted moisturizer (with SPF of course). If you need a little extra coverage, add a layer of loose powder (this will also help control shine). Limit bronzer to just a dusting around the perimeter of your face for a subtle, halo effect (a tried-and-true makeup artist trick) and add a touch of rosy or peach blush. Brooke likes cream blush. Eye makeup should also get scaled down with a wash of shimmery champagne or copper shadow (or a trendy shade like teal, if you?re feeling daring) and a coat of mascara (don?t forget to curl your lashes first, though).

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