Keep the House Clean? Are You Kidding Me?!
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Keep the House Clean? Are You Kidding Me?!

It has been said that keeping our home clean and organized sets a great example for our children. It reflects pride and importance about our surroundings. It would be a disservice to our family if we didn’t keep our homes tidy and that a dirty house can actually give us the blues. It can deplete the quality and integrity that we work so hard for.

Yeah Right!

Organized and tidy? You have got to be kidding! Raising three children AND keeping my house in order? Impossible! At times, I needed a search party to find my keys, glasses, and my sanity! In fact, I found Jesus three years ago, but I couldn’t find a pair of matching socks to save my life! (No pun intended.) I tried tons of different ways of becoming organized to save time. I’d get up and clean the house every fifteen minutes. I’d wear tomorrow’s outfit to bed the night before (with accessories).

People are Coming By?

I used to hate it when people would just stop over! I was afraid my house would be a mess! I would imagine myself peeking through a barely opened door, saying “you can’t come in! Come back in twenty minutes!” And then like a mad woman, I would throw EVERYTHING in the closet! I remember telling my kids we needed to clean the house because if social services stopped by, they might all be taken away. (Is that bad?)

Maintaining a Clean Home is Hard Work!

I must confess I finally did what everyone expected and cleaned and organized the house, but keeping it that way is hard work. However, it’s worth it because maintaining a clean and organized home feels great and offers a sense of pride! We all felt sheer pleasure walking into a clean and tidy room after a long day. In time, it even set in with my children and they began doing the same behaviors to help keep the house clean!

About the Author

Affectionately nicknamed the “Dysfunctional Housewife” by her comedy group, the popular “Funniest Housewives of Orange County”- Julie Kidd, a single mom with three children who is too busy to cook. When she calls her kids to dinner, they run to the car! Julie is the author of Momalogue, A Journey through a Single Mother’s Hood. Her jokes have been featured in Good Housekeeping and in numerous comedy books including: Comedy Thesaurus, She’s So Funny, Mom This Jokes For You, and Loves Funny That Way. Kidd has performed on numerous television shows, including: ABC’s The View, Life Moments, Iyanla, What’s Up OC, Inside this Edition and Next Big Star.
Julie’s advice: Don’t take yourself too seriously… To be a wonderful parent is powerful, but to do it with a sense of humor is magical!

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