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Keepin’ it Light

I thought today I’d do a collaboration of ALL the “On The Fence” topics you have suggested over the past year.

It turns out there are MANY.

Here is the top 35! I didn’t hold back. I have kept track of EVERY “On the fence request” since Day 1. Please feel free to voice your faves for further expanded Blog posts.


Here is what you women sit on the fence about:

1. Vaginal coiffing: Full, trimmed, landing strip, Brazilian, The “Telly Savalas”


2. When I get married, whose last name do I use… mine or my husband’s?

3. How much parental involvement should there be with kids’ homework?

4. Do you make your guests take their shoes off when they come over?

5. Do you tell your best friend her husband is cheating?

6. Do you tell your partner if YOU cheated?

7. To spank your kids or not…. YIKES.

8. How many extracurricular activities are too much for kids?

9. What perks do you give up in a slow economy?

10. Do you tell your best friend her child is a total nightmare?

11. When do you tell your husband you’re upset, and when do you let it slide under the rug?

12. “I’m on the fence about having a threesome– my husband keeps pressuring me.” Hmmm lady, doesn’t sound like you’re really on the fence. Say no!

13. To Botox or not to Botox.

14. On the fence about intermarriage– one woman could not decide if she should marry out of her faith.

15. On the fence about abortion.

16. Do you leave a “safe paying” job to chase your dreams?

17. How do you know when to keep fighting or when to surrender if you have been diagnosed with a serious illness.

18. On the fence about what to make for dinner. HELLO!

19. Who would be your GREEN LIGHT FUCK? Yes… one woman’s husband told her to compile a list of 5 people that he would  grant her the GREEN LIGHT if she had the opportunity to be with. Those were her three words. Sounds to me like HE was lookin’ for the green light!

20. Which diet to go on… The Zone, Low carb, Weight Watchers…

21. Vaccinations – get ‘em or not?

22. Would you leave your husband if you found out he had a one-night-stand and not an ongoing affair?

23. Would you hire a gorgeous but qualified nanny?

24. Do you ask a new boyfriend about their sexual past?

25. If you found out your child murdered someone by accident, would you turn them in? Yes, during the Van Der Sloot case, two women told me I should Blog about that.

26. Which method of birth control– the pill, condoms, rhythm method, P & P  (pull and pray) ;)

27. How do you know when it’s time to leave your marriage? When do you throw in the towel?

28. To fake it or not to fake it. Yes, a woman wrote in asking if she should be faking orgasm to make her partner feel like he’s doin’ the job!

29. Do you tell your boss that they screwed up?

30. Do you leave your city with your network of family and friends for a job?

31. What would you do if you won the $50,000,000.00 lottery. (I actually do this with my hubby all the time. I would pretty much change nothing, other than I’d buy a house in The South of France YES, give my family money, and invest the rest).

32. On the fence about what to do with your life when your kids are grown and in school.

33. To online date or not.

34. What to buy your partner for their birthday — this for sure is a full blog post right?

35. And finally, I was told last year to blog about “Should a married woman own a vibrator or not?”

Alrighty then! Here was the list of eclectic Women On The Fence topics you demanded more info on.

Tell us, which one was your favorite? And what do YOU sit on the fence about? It could be the next Blog post!



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