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Brooke Burke: "New York, New York!"

I’m on another flight; this seems to be my office away from home these days. In fact I am starting to feel like I need a parking space at the airport, and I am not happy about that. It wouldn’t be so bad of course if it were my own plane! I should add that to my bucket list. It would be so much easier. I wish!


I am coming home from an amazing trip to NY. I was doing a Mother’s Day promotion. It’s right around the corner, one of my favorite days of the year! I got an incredible early gift. When I arrived at my hotel, I decided to stop at the bar and have a glass of wine with my agent before shutting down for the night. A man tapped me on the shoulder, when I turned around David grabbed me in his arms!!! I was so surprised, I cried.

Cheering Me Up

He has been working just a few hours away in Canada, and had a few days off. I was really missing him this week. He totally heard that in my voice so he decided to recharge my batteries for a few days!!! He made me sooo happy. So much for the 5 short hours I would sleep that night before starting my 2 day promotion. It’s amazing how much energy happiness gives me. It was the best surprise EVER, so sweet and so appreciated. Amazing how he pulled it off. He always knows how to cheer me up and make me feel special.

So Fast

NY went by too fast. I guest hosted Extra from Times Square, made an appearance on Fox & Friends, visited CNN, and stayed up yesterday for 20 hrs. I wish it was because I was romancing with my man, but actually it was the 4:30 am call time, a 6 hour SMT and then now this flight home so I can tuck my kids into bed. Whew, what a whirlwind

Wishing for More Time

In just a few hours, I go back to being full time mom of 4 and working like crazy. The good news is that I really do love working, but I love being a mommy even more, so I am wishing for more time in my days lately.

My weekends have become very precious. That sounds weird, but I find myself looking forward to them like I did when I was a child in school. Once that ended, weekdays felt no different to me. Now I am back in that track, and they couldn’t come soon enough. I have been cooking, sleeping in with the kids and watching some of our favorite movies. This Sunday my 8 yr old and I will take a horse back riding lesson together while my oldest has a Girl Scout camp out. Rain recently survived her first sleep over with her cousins. I can’t believe she’s that big already. I fully enjoy some nights having Shaya all to myself snuggle up under my arm. He is starting to put the cutest sentences together and every word warms me heart. My kids are all so different, they all enjoy different things, and I am struggling to schedule time with each of them, which we all enjoy so much.

Have You Found King Kong Yet?

Here is a gorgeous shot of the Empire State Building from my hotel window. When I spoke to Rain, she asked, “Have you found King Kong yet?” I hope this shot will be the next best thing.

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