Running The Mommy Marathon
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Running The Mommy Marathon

I feel like I’m drowning in responsibilities. Lately I have stuff coming at me from all directions.

The next two months are all about my 11-year-old’s middle school application process.  I have spent three different evenings at open houses for potential schoolsm; there are summaries to write and lots of details to organize for her. She is so stressed out that we are fighting like crazy.  I want to be there for her and support her, but she is acting like a nightmare!

As a mother, I always suck up the negative feedback and show up, but it’s really pissing me off. If our kids only knew what a difference a little appreciation could make in our process.  It will be a great relief when December rolls around and we are through this very stressful period. That is, of course, once she gets accepted and trust me – Los Angeles is a tough school system.   At the same time, Rain is applying for kindergarten.  I went through the public school system so this is all new to me and it’s tough!

David had been in New York this week so in the midst of juggling my usual five jobs, I’m also trying to perfectly coordinate my four children’s lives.  It’s truly manic!

Last night we didn’t get to bed till 11 p.m., including my three-year-old.  I had promised my 11-year-old a special night, which means sleeping with Mom.  Shaya was still snuggled with me and far too yummy to resist (my bad) and Rain has been waking me up every night with nightmares.  Although I’m starting to think she is making them up, since they all involve turtle torture, lol!

I woke up pinned down under three children with a stiff neck and three hours shy of a good night’s sleep. So I started my day at 6:30, complete with grumpy kids. I drove two of them to school only to rush home and get my other two ready to drive in the opposite direction for their Temple class.

Which brings us to right now: I’m in bed, working online trying to catch up.  It’s a funny place to be but all the kids are in school, David is in New York and I am totally enjoying staying in my PJ’s with two computers open, Rachel Zoe on the tube and my favorite cereal beside me.  These days are hard to come by.

I just feel like I’m running a marathon in my busy life lately.  My digital world could be a full-time job but it only gets a fraction of my free time.  I juggle a handful of jobs every day while managing four other people’s lives as well.  I am not ashamed to admit that I’m not the greatest at details and I make my share of mistakes. Today I am trying to dot all my I’s and cross all my T’s and it feels like a never-ending story.

I have not been very good at saying “No” to evening commitments these days and trust me, they’re not social pleasures.  There have been so many charity events this month which I feel compelled to participate in. Tonight brings another event in the city while my kids are home eating fried rice (my go-to leftover-complete meal) and entertaining each other.  Oy, it’s hard not to feel guilty when work keeps me away.

It’s one of those months where I crank into fifth gear and just go!  Thank God I’m a mother and blessed with an endless supply of vigor. This weekend I have overlapping soccer games and a houseful of family coming over to hang…. guess who’s cooking!

I wish I could say T.G.I.F. but I’ll have to save that concept for Sunday and enjoy that day to the fullest. I have learned to make up for the chaos by enjoying each and every moment of my down time.  Even though it’s rare lately, I will wring every bit out of my one day of relaxation and gear up for the next few hectic weeks.

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