Homemade Recycled Paper-Making With Children
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Homemade Recycled Paper-Making With Children

Long before paper was made in large manufacturing plants, paper was made by hand. Parents can take their children back in time and enjoy the art of paper-making with their children. In addition to creating a hand-made craft, making recycled paper provides an opportunity to teach children the importance of reusing, renewing and recycling.

Step 1

Place small torn-up pieces of recycled scrap paper into a blender so it fills it halfway. Fill the blender with warm water, and let the paper soak for about a half an hour. Blend the paper until it creates a smooth substance. This is called pulp. Make three to four batches of pulp.

Step 2

Stretch a piece of window screen tightly over a wooden frame. Affix the window screen to the frame using duct tape.

Step 3

Fill a deep pan halfway with water, add the pulp and stir.

Step 4

Put the screened frame over the pulp mixture in the pan. Submerge the screen in the mixture, and smooth out the mixture over the frame.

Step 5

Lift the framed screen out of the pan slowly and carefully. Let the water drain off of the screen into the pan. Use a sponge to press on the pulp mixture to remove excess water.

Step 6

Place the framed screen on a pile of newsprint, and cover with a second piece of window screen. Put a stack of newsprint on top.

Step 7

Turn an iron to warm setting, and carefully iron the newsprint. Doing so will help remove moisture from the paper.

Step 8

Remove the top stack of newsprint, and gently peel the handmade paper from the screen. Place the paper on a fresh piece of newsprint to dry.


  • After ironing the paper, the screen may be hot. Use caution when touching the screen to prevent burns.
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