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Julianne Moore Welcomes Her Fave Boutique to NYC

Actress and mom Julianne Moore was on hand to welcome her favorite store to her neighborhood, when ultra-luxe cashmere line TSE celebrated their first free-standing New York city boutique. “The stuff is great,” said Julianne, clad in a black halter dress and fitted turtleneck by the line and patent YSL booties, to People magazine on the night of the event. “I have always been a fan of TSE. It is really beautiful. The fabric is always soft and the colors are always great, and the designer is such a lovely, lovely man too,” she said.

Fashion isn’t the only thing Julianne has a passion for. Julianne also turned up at the TSE event to promote a scholarship she and her husband, filmmaker Bart Freundlich, are working on for their children’s school. “We are trying to work out all the details now, but the school is the same one my husband and his brother went to so we are really involved in it.”

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