Jerry O’Connell Admits Raising Twin Girls Is Tough!
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Jerry O’Connell Admits Raising Twin Girls Is Tough!

Actor Jerry O’Connell never thought parenting his 19-month-old twins with model Rebecca Romjin could be so tough.

“They’re just crazy. Listen, everyone says to us, ‘It gets better. It gets better.’ That has not been my experience. It seems to be worse and worse. My wife and I were talking about splitting up but neither of us want to take the children – that’s our joke,” mused Jerry, 26, to People Magazine on Wednesday.

The hard part is that his twin girls, Dolly and Charlie, want to be treated equally at all times. “If I buy things, because they’re twins, I always buy two of them: if it’s one doll I buy two of them; if I make one bottle of apple juice I make two. I don’t know what it is, if it’s instinct or what, but if I give one bottle to one, the other one immediately wants that bottle,” says Jerry.

But, make no mistake, he loves being a dad to twin girls. “I love doing their hair. I wanted to give them a haircut but my wife was like, ‘No. You have to let their hair grow out.’ I was a little against that at first because their hair is in their face and you have to take care of it, but I’m really into combing it and putting their hair into pigtails…Maybe I’ll go to beauty school,” he jokes.

Good work, Jerry. We love seeing dads help out!


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