DWTS Week 9 – Get Brooke’s Glam Look!
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DWTS Week 9 – Get Brooke’s Glam Look!

Steven Lake and Kristin Confer are the PhDs of hair. They bring over 30 years of experience, education, and teaching to the hair industry.

Their passion and insight set this Perfect Hair Duo up for success in creating, recreating, and sharing their vision and creativity behind the chair and on set.

Week 9: How to get Brooke Burke’s DWTS glam look from THIS week’s show!

Every week on Dancing with the Stars, Brooke Burke goes from “Mom” to “Glam!”

We’ve got some tips to help our modern moms recreate these looks at home.

Sleek and Straight

1. On towel dried hair, apply a straightening cream or balm.

2. Create desired part. Blowdry hair completely.

3. Flat iron horizontal sections beginning in the front and working around the head.

4. To finish, apply an anti-humectant or anti frizz serum to lock in the smoothness.

Extra Tips

  • Use clips to hold up sections as you flat iron.


  • On extra curly hair, use a light hold hairspray on each section as you flat iron.


  • Make sure your straightening cream or balm is also a thermal protectant.


Double Knot Side Chignon

1. On towel dried hair, apply a volumizing spray or gel to the roots.  Use a curl activating cream on the ends.

2. Create desired part. Blowdry your hair completely.

3. Using a 1 1/4″ curling iron, take large sections, and loosely curl entire head.

4. Divide hair into two sections (a top and bottom) by sectioning ear to ear horizontally.

5. Pull hair over to desired side at the corner of the hairline, twisting over and around itself loosely.  Secure with large bobby pins crisscrossing from the bottom up.

6. Take down top section, pulling over and slightly above the first knot.

7. Twist the hair in the opposite direction of the bottom knot, over and around itself loosely. Secure with large bobby pins crisscrossing from the bottom up.

8. Lightly pull apart the knot and secure with additional criss crossed bobby pins as needed and finish with a light hair spray.

Extra Tips

  • Secure stray pieces in the back with an extra bobby pin.


  • Lightly pull down strands around the face if desired.


  • There should be no separation or space between the two knots.


PhD wants to know,  “What is YOUR favorite look so far of the season?”

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And get a sneak peek behind the scenes with these photos:

Marylin touching up Brooke

Steven finishing Brooke’s look

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