My DWTS Scrapbook!
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My DWTS Scrapbook!

Here’s a look back through Season 13 from my camera….

Someone passed out before showtime!

J.R. & Karina’s biggest fans

I’m so lucky that my hubby shows up to support me every show!

Shaya getting a quick professional trim! He only gets the best!

You KNOW I’m still proud of this moment!!!

Hanging with the best co-host in the world, Tom Bergeron!!!

Rain assisting Marylin with my leg bronzer!

Move over Kim K! How do you like these lashes?!?

Using Rain’s pink lipstick for the live show! Thx Rain!

The side of the camera you never see!!! Wish I had that in the Skybox!

I love having my daughter on set! What a fashionista!!!

Missing Kym!

Gonna miss these options! Of course I’ll take my Skechers with me. 🙂

Final gown fitting. These are my finale hopefuls!!!!

We made it to the finals!!!!!

Karina and I hanging in the Skybox!  What a beauty!!!

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