Brews & Potions for Love & Money
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Brews & Potions for Love & Money

Crafting brews and potions is an aspect of practical magic that anyone can master. The various rituals, ingredients and invocations all serve the same purpose — to help you focus your own personal power on bringing about conditions that you want in your life. Understanding the ingredients, intentions and best times to create brews and potions for love and money can help you attract prosperity and love into your life.

Framing Your Intent

When you create a love potion or brew for prosperity, you are infusing the ingredients with your will. To do that, you have to be clear about what you want to happen. The first step in any magical work is to visualize your intended result. Some practitioners write the name of a desired lover on a piece of paper and carry it with them. Others gather symbols of wealth or love and incorporate them into an altar or place them on a dresser or desk where they’ll see them often. The important part is to clear away negative energies and distractions while you gather ingredients and bring them together so that your potion absorbs your full intent for love and prosperity.

Gathering Components

Forget the eye of newt. You’ll find most of the ingredients and components for love and money spells in your kitchen or garden. At worst, you may have to travel as far as your favorite store to pick up candles or a particular herb or spice. For working love spells, use pink candles to set the mood and invoke the powers of Venus, the ruler of love. For money spells, use green candles to attract prosperity or blue candles to invoke Jupiter, the ruler of prosperity and success. Love spells and potions often call for rose petals, violets, basil, daisy, mint or lavender. Pungent spices and herbs, such as basil, lavender, cinnamon, mint and bay, attract prosperity.

Timing Your Spell

Work spells to attract or increase love and prosperity during the waxing phase of the moon — between the new moon and the full moon. Brew love spells on a Friday, the day sacred to Venus, and money spells on Thursday, sacred to Jupiter. Increase the potency of your potions by gathering and mixing the ingredients during the new moon, then letting them gather strength until the full moon. Use the potion while the moon is full and its strength is at its greatest.

Brewing the Potion

The most common method of brewing a potion is infusion, a method that’s as simple as brewing a cup of tea. On the night of the new moon, place all your ingredients into a glass jar. Cover the herbs and spices with fresh spring water. If you only have access to tap water, let it run for several minutes before filling your jar to dispel any negative energies it may have gathered while standing in the pipes. Stir the potion while saying an incantation or visualizing yourself surrounded by love and prosperity, cover it, and set it in a serene place. Each day until the full moon, gently turn the jar over seven times, reciting an incantation to infuse the potion with your intent.

Devising Incantations

Incantation is just a fancy way of stating your intentions. You can use an incantation that you find in a spell book or online, but the most powerful incantations are those that you devise yourself. Rhymes aren’t necessary, though the effort of trying to rhyme can help focus your intent. Keep your verse simple enough to remember, and recite it to help keep your mind focused on creating the conditions to attract money and love.

Using Potions

Be creative in using your completed potion. To attract wealth, for example, rub some money potion on the outside of your wallet. Add a few drops of love potion to your bath before a date, or wash your bed linens in it to surround yourself with the essence of love. Invite prosperity into your home by washing the lintel of your front door with a vial of prosperity potion, or dab some on your wrists before going out on a job interview.

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