DWTS Finals: The Journey
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DWTS Finals: The Journey

In life, it’s not always about the destination, it’s about the journey.

Today is the last Monday of Season 13 at Dancing with the Stars and I can’t believe how fast it has flown by. There’s definitely some sadness in my dressing room, knowing tomorrow is our last day.

I have truly enjoyed working with this much buzzed about, controversial and unique cast.  Honestly, it has been my favorite so far! Having Derek back has brought me back to my own dancing days, the new ballroom has really jazzed up our set, and the couples have bravely given so much of themselves.

From week one, my advice to them was always the same: To have fun and remember to hear the music because the experience goes too fast.

Now here we are, on Day 1 of the finals and I see so many different emotions.  There could potentially be four dances over the next two nights, so naturally our dancers are a little worn out! But any way you slice it, they have all surprised themselves by making it this far; by stepping out of their comfort zones and defying the odds.  The reality is that they’ve made millions of American fans, learned a new skill and made some great friends along the way.

It’s a crazy ride here in the ballroom, and the water cooler talk has me wondering who will be hoisting the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy over their head in just 24 hours!

I have had such a blessed season.  As we start to wrap up in my dressing room today, I’m reminded how lucky I am to have my glam squad. They’re like my second family and I will miss our Mondays and Tuesdays together.

I will also miss sharing such an adrenaline ride with all the dancers.  Life will soon go back to normal and then we will gear up for another season.

My wish for everyone is that they hold on to this feeling of having made it to the finals.  I know firsthand what a HUGE accomplishment that is.  I hope all of them will find something in their lives to challenge them as much as I know this show has.  Hopefully they have all learned something about themselves along this journey and they will take many positive life lessons with them.

I am still personally blown away by how dancing on Season 7 changed my life.  (You can read in detail about my experience in the “Mirror Ball Trophy” chapter of my book, The Naked Mom)

For me, I’ll go back to sweats and a ponytail, but in my life I’ll keep dancing through my own chaos, enjoying the music with every step!

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