Danica McKellar Plans For Her First Baby
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Danica McKellar Plans For Her First Baby

Danica McKellar, made famous for her role as Winnie on “The Wonder Years,” is trying to handle everything the right way when it comes to her first pregnancy.

For one, she refuses to give into her unhealthy pregnancy cravings.

“I’ve had two kinds of cravings — healthy and not so healthy. The healthy one is plain yogurt that I eat every morning,” she reveals in the September issue of Pregnancy. “I have other cravings, but I don’t indulge them.” What restraint!

Danica, 35, is also hoping to make her baby smarter – in the womb! As the author of “Math Doesn’t Suck” and “Kiss my Math,” Danica hopes to pass on her love of math to her baby. She admits to singing “The Quadratic Formula Song” to her baby.

When it comes to her first delivery experience, Danica is considering practicing hypnobirthing (like fellow pregnant actress, Kaitlin Olson). In addition, she hopes hubby Mike Verta will stand by her as she delivers.

 “The plan is he will be in the room when I deliver, but he’s a little squeamish about blood, so we’ll just hope for the best!” Well, he better just suck it up!

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