A Snapshot of My Week
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A Snapshot of My Week

Update on my not-so-successful sleep training efforts….

After another night of drama and vomiting, I resumed my position and went back in tonight for story time, a pep talk, reassurance and bribery.  I feel a bit like a confidence cheerleader, but seriously it’s been two weeks and I am trying anything and everything.

Rain’s closing tearful plea tonight – “Mommy why are you doing this to us?!?”

It was asked as if I was starving her to death!  Then she cried, “I wish I was three again so I could sleep with you.”  Yes my heart broke, but I am standing strong and hopeful for another uninterrupted night’s sleep.  Yeah right!

On a more grown-up note, I have been super busy wrapping up my final shoots for 2011.  Here’s a snapshot of how I spent my last week:

Shooting for Jewelmint. I curated a piece of jewelry for my charity. It will launch next week and I’ll keep you posted!

Screwing around with Steven Lake behind the scenes on another Skechers Holiday Commercial.

The Glam Squad – together again! Kinda weird seeing myself life-size behind us in the Skecher’s store!

Running late for a charity event.  The limo became my dressing room, Steven did my hair on the road and we made it in the nick of time to the Stiletto Dash!

Print shoot for a new campaign.  Like my daughter’s polka dot socks?

My best shoot of the week was at home! Check out our band’s back-up dancer!

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