Harrison Ford is “Much Better at Parenting Now”
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Harrison Ford is “Much Better at Parenting Now”

Harrison Ford sat down with Parade Magazine to discuss his new movie and his life.  He revealed a lot about how he feels about being an older dad. Ford has two sons, Ben, 42, and Willard, 40, by his first wife and two children, Malcolm, 22, and Georgia, 18, by his second wife. His youngest is 9-year-old Liam, actress Calista Flockhart‘s son. Ford is engaged to Flockhart, whom he has been dating since 2002. He is also a grandfather of two.

He told Parade Magazine, “My children have taught me a lot about parenting. My first child was born when I was 25. Babies raising babies is not a pretty sight. I am much better at it now.” He has had a lot of practice. Ford is now 67-years-old.

When asked how he felt about 9-year-old Liam being an “unexpected joy” he responded, “I wasn’t expecting it at all. The unexpected part was certainly true, and the joy part is also true. I think Liam was about 6 or 8 months old when I met him and Calista. We have been together ever since.”

Ford could not be happier to be an older, experienced father. “On the weekends, I do whatever Calista and Liam want to do,” he said. “We’ll take a couple of hours on Sunday morning to go motorcycle riding or go for a hike. I just made a birdhouse with my son.”

Liam is a lucky boy. It sounds like Harrison has grown to be a very wise parent.

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