Looking Forward to 2012
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Looking Forward to 2012

This past year wasn’t one that I was anxious to see end.  2011 was an extraordinary period in my life: 

  • I said goodbye to my thirties and warmly embraced the big 40.


  • I got married to the love of my life, TWICE, and managed to find happiness between chaos and harmony in our blended family.


  • I started a homeschool for my two youngest children, which has been a rewarding experience for all.


  • I became the poster child for Skechers, which meant I got to move out of the airport bins and onto national TV commercials, LOL!  


  • David and I bought a piece of land, which in two years will come to life and take shape into our dream home.  


  • I forgot what it’s like to sleep through the night but have managed to be in denial and not miss a beat, not even with the extra wrinkles cruising around my face.


  • I figured out how to spend less than 1 hour on my body working out and do it at home!  My DVD series shipped this week and I am thrilled to be able to share my personal program with all of you.


  • I made some new and special friends this year that I know will stay in our lives for many more years to come, and I was a better friend because I put in the time.


  • I threw away all of my ugly nude cotton panties and started designing an intimates line with Beach Mint, which will launch this year.  I’ve always known that no matter what I’m wearing – even when it’s David’s old sweats – I feel feminine with a sexy pair of undies on.


Lots of fun and exciting projects are in the works, but what I am most proud of this year is the love and energy in my home.  It has taken many years to understand and accept the many different personalities, so that we may all find our own happy space under the same roof. 

2011 was challenging and demanding but the year’s end marked the beginning of a new time for my family. A time for more compassion, patience, common goals, respect for each other’s differences and support for each other’s individual paths.  I didn’t hope for much more than that.  A happy home, for me, breeds all great things in my life outside my home. 

My daughter will turn five this Sunday, OMG! My son is finally developing his own BOY characteristics and becoming a little gentleman. My oldest will leave her school to move on to middle school and begin a new chapter, and my 9-year-old is finally discovering her own talents.  They are all so musical and artistic.  This holiday we finally came together to enjoy each other’s talents as a family.  One singing, one on piano, one dancing, one directing…and me on my video camera soaking in every moment.  I wish for moments like that too often.

This year, I plan to celebrate long after the New Year is old news. I will be celebrating life, health, family and dear friends.  My wish for all of you is a year filled with love, blessings, sunny days, occasional rainbows, “shooting stars if you’re lucky,” as my son believes, laughter, success, honesty, courage and determination. 

If you haven’t set your goals for 2012, get to it because you’ve already missed one week.  This could be the best year of your life…. that’s what I’m shooting for.


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