Total Teamwork
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Total Teamwork

This morning, David had to play Super Dad and rally all four kids on his own.  I snuck out at 5:30 AM, while the house slept, to do early TV press for my fitness DVDs. It’s hours like those when I both dread and ponder their success.

After my own phone alarm rudely awoke me, I asked Siri to remind me to wake up my kids for school.  Getting all four fed and out the door on time for school is no easy task, even for me.  Laying it on my man, when I have early a call time, is even worse.  Especially when his 9-year-old stepdaughter loves to push his buttons and stall to make her sister late!

What amazes me is how much we underestimate the dads, and how much they are truly capable of when called on.  As women, we often get frustrated when they don’t just “know what we need” or just “handle it like we would.”  I have to remind myself often to ask for exactly what I need and remember that David is not me… and most of the time I thank God for that!  I am so lucky that he is a totally hands-on dad and usually more than happy to do anything and everything.

This morning I called to wake the house up and followed up with a text, “How’s it going babe?” The no reply had me worried, but after drop-off I received, “Mission accomplished, everyone is safe.”  I laughed to myself and thought maybe I would be better off looking at it like that on those grumpy, running late kind of mornings.

I love how men see things at times, and what was even better was his Starbucks drive-by for protein shakes and toasted panini’s to-go for a school snack.  That’s what I call a healthy, efficient, no mess, time-saving breakfast. If it were me, they would have hit me up for cocoa and a Danish!

He had everything perfectly handled and I was so grateful for it.  I texted again to tell him how much I love and appreciated his help.  I know that goes a long way because those are the messages us moms never get.  Being able to count on my man is HUGE for me because my house full of children would fall apart otherwise. The fact that David pitched in this morning while I was at work is not the miraculous task, it’s knowing that when I need him, he’s awesome with all four kids alone that impresses me. He is as good of a father as he is a passionate husband.  That’s pretty hot! I’m almost not sure which I like more 🙂

It’s total teamwork in our house.  We raise each other and count on everyone.

I finished my workday early so we took the afternoon off.  We walked along the beach to one of our favorite Malibu restaurants and took silly pictures along the way.

It felt like a summer day today, and love was definitely in the ocean air.  After almost two decades I am blessed to say that days like today still feel brand new!



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