Five Going On 16
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Five Going On 16

So it’s official, my daughter is totally and completely grown up now that she has turned 5!!! 

This weekend we celebrated Rain’s birthday with friends and family at our local dance studio.  I have to say that Justin Bieber and cupcakes are the way to every little girl’s heart! 

No, the Biebs didn’t show up for Rain’s birthday bash, in fact he was NOT invited – but his song was the chosen hit for Rain’s music video.  Sounds so Hollywood, I know, but actually her dance teacher organized the entire party and the take away was a DVD of everyone’s dance performance. 

All the little girls played dress up. My oldest daughters helped them get into character with their hair and makeup, which was adorable since when you’re five, the more glitter the better!  

Then everyone learned a dance routine.  Shaya and several other boys were too cool for school so they played bodyguards along the fake red carpet while the proud parents played real life paparazzi capturing every photo opp.  I was cracking up watching Rain assume the starring role on her big day, cast as the diva of the dance.  

She’s got moves and charm and David and I exchanged that oh-no-we’re-in-big-trouble kinda look.


It’s amazing to see children come into their own and discover their own talents.  Two years ago, Rain ran off the stage in total fright during her dance recital.  We thought performing was nowhere in her cards and encouraged her to dance anyway and skip the spotlight moments.  Now, she can’t get enough of the action.  My older girls have gone through their phases too, with both sports and arts. 

I keep exposing all my children to everything they express interest in, wondering what will stick.  Rain unfortunately has the entertainment bug. She thinks she’s the next pop diva! Even if she can’t hold a note, she sings it as if she were Celine Dion and her passion makes up for the total lack of talent. 

I’ll never tell her she can’t sing a good note. In my eyes, conviction is half the battle and I admire her passion more than words. I’ve seen some pretty over the top birthday bashes for little girls, but this one was perfectly suited for Rain and her big dreams. 

Hey, you’re only five once and I’d like to have a video made to mark every adorable moment my children have.  Problem is three out of four of mine would never let it happen.  So Rain wrung out every second of her moment of fame. Even if it was make believe, she believed enough for all of us and the laughter and joy she gave all of us was worth a million!


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